In TCVM, disease patterns are vital to diagnosing and treating disease. Unlike the Western medical model focusing on specific diseases, TCVM looks at the underlying imbalances in the body responsible for creating various conditions. By recognizing and understanding these patterns, we can tailor treatments to address the underlying cause and restore harmony in the body.

A fascinating aspect of TCVM is that the same pattern of pathology can manifest itself in different diseases from a Western medical perspective. This means that various diseases may share a common underlying pattern of imbalance in TCVM. For example, conditions such as arthritis, skin allergies and even digestive disorders can be seen as different manifestations of the same underlying pattern (such as Qi stagnation.)

Conversely, a single Western medical disease diagnosis can have different underlying TCVM patterns. This means that two dogs may show different patterns even if they are diagnosed with the same disease. For example, two cases of watery diarrhea may look the same, yet require different treatment if they have a different underlying pattern.

TCVM therapists delve into the whole picture: the animal’s symptoms, medical history, pulse, what the tongue looks like, and other methods to pinpoint the specific pattern of pathology. By understanding the underlying pattern, we can develop personalized treatment plans to address the underlying cause and restore balance to the body.

This way, we use a holistic approach to our dogs’ health. We know the body is an interconnected system, where imbalances in one area can manifest as various symptoms elsewhere.That is why identifying the underlying pattern is essential. .

Hopefully, this clarifies why an herbal formula does not simply work for, f.i. our dog’s itching, even if it is touted online for that purpose. If the formula does not fit the disease pattern it does not work, or even backfires.

In my online course, I go into more detail about the TCVM approach to aging.

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