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I am Leida

Caring for your canine
About me

Welcome, I am Leida

Caring for your canine

Growing up among chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a dog, I can’t even remember when I decided to become a veterinarian, I just knew, from  very young age. 

I graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University in 1987. After experiencing relief from my own chronic back pain through chiropractic treatment, I decided to obtain my international certification as a veterinary chiropractor (IVCA) in 2004 and start my own practice for complementary veterinary medicine. In 2005, I obtained my international certification as a veterinary acupuncturist (IVAS), and over the years, I have added more therapy options, such as (Chinese) herbal therapy, TuiNa massage, essential oils, osteopathy, and many more. 

I have always had a soft spot for older dogs, and over the years, I have helped thousands of dogs and their owners make the most out of the second half of life. I have seen the challenges that can arise, both in my patients and in my own dogs with whom I have gone through the process several times myself – I know what it’s like. 

My mission and passion is to help people and their dogs have as many beautiful, healthy, and fit years together as possible!

Leida met oudere hond bij het water

Happy canines

Oudere hond in het water

Leida, the woman with the magic hands!

About 7 years ago I first came to Leida with my then guide dog Jones.
He had had 2  incidents with other dogs who had attacked him,  and I noticed he was different than usual.
Since I had experience with chiropractic care from horses, I contacted Leida.
Fortunately I was able to get in touch quickly and it turned out it was a good thing that she saw him.
There were quite a few vertebrae blocked and he was clearly suffering from that.

From then on I visited her regularly. Because Jones was a great guide dog and I wanted to keep him fit as long as possible.
And I succeeded! Thanks to Leida’s good care he could do his work for more than 4 years without any worries.
The dogs absolutely love coming to her. It seems like they know she is going to help them.

Also Alvin, the guide dog of a good friend is still able to do his job thanks to Leida’s wonderful work!
I like to say: there is more between heaven and earth than just regular veterinary medicine and Leida is a very special example of that!

She really looks at the whole animal and with all the options she has to treat dogs she can solve a lot of problems!
My current guide dog  Ginger is already a fan of hers too! Because I gladly  visit her once a year to have my wonderful dog checked, because prevention is better than cure :-))

So awesome that she wants to share all her accumulated knowledge about the aging dog with us now!

Sandra and Jones

Heerlijk samen

We are very happy that we got to bring our Labrador Joy to Leida! We thought she was just getting older, but it turned out she had problems with her paws and her back! Thanks to the treatments, the medication and the supplements, she soon felt a lot better. The home exercises we did with her made her even stronger, which was something we never expected! Now at 10 years old she is happier and more fit than when she was eight, who would have thought!

Karin and Labrador Joy

Oudere hond in het gras

Life with our dog Lola is so special and becomes more fun and profoundly meaningful as she gets older. It is very important to us that a veterinarian has a comprehensive holistic view of an animal and their health. Leida has extensive knowledge of acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and nutrition with which she guides me and treat Lola really well. Lola trusts her completely during a treatment. They really work together and I get to witness how the two of them address the cause behind the symptoms. Leida is a fantastic coach and vet for our senior Lola and the ideal support for her to stay healthy.’

Lauren and Lola

Caring for your canine

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