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Caring for your canine

Let’s work on your dog’s future
Leida Visee

Caring for your canine

Let’s work on your dog’s future

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Once your registration is final after payment of the tuition fee you will receive your login details for the academy by email. You will then have immediate access to module 1 of the course you have registered for and you can get started right away. Every week a new module opens.

Each module consists of one or more short videos (maximum 10-15 minutes per video). There is also a workbook in which you can review the material covered at your convenience, and take notes. For some modules there are practical exercises, which you will also find described in the workbook.

How many modules does the course have?

At the moment the course consists of at least 8 modules, but there most likely will be more in the future. If you sign up for email updates you’ll get news about that right in your inbox!

How much time will it take me?

Watching the instructional video and reading through the workbook will take most people about an hour. How much time you spend next on the actual implementation is personal and up to you. Some exercises may be modifications to things you already do anyway, other things will be new. You can make it as big or as small as you and your dog enjoy together. And in the end, this course is not “over” after 8 weeks!  After you have finished the course you will continue with your newly acquired skills and insights, and you will have the rest of your dog’s life to enjoy what you have learned together.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course materials for one year from the time of your enrollment. After that, it will be possible to keep your access longer for a small fee if you wish.

My other dog is still young, can I also participate in the course with him/her?

Absolutely! I do however recommend a  minimum age of 6 months for the movement exercises, but the  modules on touch and enrichment can be done with younger dogs as well, and they will certainly benefit from everything you learn here. The module for nutrition does not apply to younger dogs as much, although the section about super foods is helpful for dogs of all ages. And as for the module about end of life choices, it  sometimes can be easier to think about this phase when it is most likely still years away…

And what if I change my mind?

Of course, I hope the material will inspire you, and you are eager to take the whole course. But I also know that life can bring all sorts of things, and plans may need to change. According to Dutch law, there is no right of cancellation for digital products that are immediately accessible. Because not all modules are accessible instantly, I do it this way: you have up to 14 days from purchase of the course to indicate that you would like to cancel after all. You’ll get money back for the parts you did not have access to: if you only have taken module 1, I’ll refund 5/6 of the purchase amount; if you also received module 2, I’ll refund 4/6 of the purchase amount. An administration fee of €15 will be deducted from the refund sum. 

Senior dogs:

Healthy Aging Checklist