Senior dogs:
Healthy Aging Checklist

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Your senior dog deserves the very best!

By downloading the Healthy Aging Checklist, you’ve taken the first step toward helping your dog age as healthily as possible. 

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Happy Canines

Loving personalized care!

I am so grateful for my Coco’s process of care.
She was just 11 years old when, overnight, she could no longer stand on her right hind leg.
The X-ray we had made on Leida’s advice showed spondylosis in several areas, resulting in a painful pinched nerve.
It was so wonderful to see our dog visibly improve during the first treatment and to see her get off the treatment table feeling a lot happier!
An intensive program of several treatments followed. Fortunately, her pain decreased quickly.
In the following years, Leida’s intensive involvement, adjusting treatments, medication and painkillers, dealing with the unpleasant side effects of the painkillers, advice on movement and home exercises have ensured that we have had another 4 wonderful, happy years together.


I visit Leida regularly with my 13+ old Golden Retriever Caillou . Caillou has a bad back for years and now he also has osteoarthritis and spondylosis. The treatments Leida gives him help him very much. I always notice that after the treatment he can move and walk much better and despite everything he  still needs hardly any painkillers. 

Leida is a really nice veterinarian. She is very committed and has a lot of respect for animals. She pays close attention to what the dog is indicating. During a consultation I can always ask all my questions. Not only about my dog’s locomotion but also about nutrition, all kinds of medical issues and behavior. Leida knows a lot, explains everything well and gives great advice. Especially now that my dog is getting older, with the accompanying changes, that is very helpful. Together we make sure he stays as comfortable as possible. 

Caillou always finds it a delight to go to her. I don’t think you can get a bigger compliment!

Yvonne and Caillou

For years I have taken my dogs to Leida’s, they really enjoy visiting her, if we have to wait for a while the endorphins already start to flow and they get all blissed-out. 

Leida takes all the time we need to hear what kind of problems we are facing, in terms of movement, digestive system or behavior.

It is beautiful to see that my dogs have full trust in Leida and therefore undergo the treatments calmly, sometimes they need a break and step away, which is never a problem, they will continue again when they are ready. Sometimes it takes a few days but I always notice a positive effect with them.

In October 2022 I had to say goodbye to my old buddy, how much did that headstrong big guy enjoy the appointments with Leida, if we were a bit early he refused to walk around the neighborhood first but wanted to go inside right away.

In the treatment room he would first have a drink and then lie down ready for treatment while I told Leida how he was doing. The last few times he would almost fall asleep.

In his last phase Leida guided us lovingly and patiently and helped us very well, by indicating when life was no longer worth living for him, because since his condition deteriorated so slowly it was difficult for me to tell.

I hope that Leida will keep the Chi flowing in my dogs for a very long time and that I can consult with her, because her knowledge of dogs (among other things) is tremendous.